PHOTOanalytics is the ideal
mobile add-on for Fotolia

Function overview

"PHOTOanalytics" opens a new way for you as Fotolia contributor to get access to your account. Beside the familiar functions of the Fotolia dashboard you get your statistics displayed as different charts.


In this area you can evaluate multiple statistics as charts based on your complete portfolio. As foundation for the evaluation you can choose the query options dwelled by Fotolia contributors. At this position you can select different presets for informations.

Scheduled extensions


In the area "Sells" you will be able to get an overview of your current sold media.

In review

In this area all media will be listed, wich are currently in review.


In this area you will get a list of all media accepted by Fotolia.


In this area you will get a list of all media rejected by Fotolia.


In this area you will get the list of all your media.


In the "Portfolio" you have access to all your media. Beside every single image you can see different informations at a glance, e.g. how many views or downloads this media has, the rating, or the concrete availability date.

Any selected image can be shown in fullscreen, evaluated as statistics, or saved into the lightbox.

With searchphrases and filters you can limit your results as usual.


With the menu item "Exposure" on the iPad you get into a presentation mode. You can browse through your images by dragging you finger.

With the button "Play" an automated browsing starts.
Size and alignment appears randomly. Touching an image opens it fullscreen mode.

In the fullscreen mode with the button "Recommend" you can send a selected image by email. Also detailed informations about the selected image are available in this mode. By touching the lightbox icon the image gets added to the lightbox.


Available in the Android Version !

With the menu item "Lightbox" you will be able to create your own galleries, e.g. for sorting your favourites.


By pressing the recommend button you can send the contents of your selected lightbox to your clients by email.

You can choose the background color between black and light gray on demand matching your method.